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There are no broodmares, and those cowboys, too, get their picks from the colts at the main ranch. As the days of the open range ended, he increased his holdings, buying the old 8 Ranch, near Guthrie in north central Texas.

6666 ranch things haven't changed much in the last hundred years as far as the way the livestock is handled.

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He was purchased by W. Given by the American Quarter Horse Association, in conjunction with the National Cattlemen's Association, the Best Remuda Award honors one ranch each year that is judged to have the best remuda of working ranch horses.

Streakin Six was a great racehorse, earning almost a half million dollars. Selling his cattle would mean a tremendous loss.

Dash 6666 ranch Cash and Special Effort are unquestionably the finest horses of their generations. Smooth riding is important. Blodgett said he would breed from five to eight ranch mares to him. Smooth riding is important.

Perhaps Blodgett says it best: Blodgett said he would breed from five to eight ranch mares to him. He's got a really good back, and from his shoulder and stifle down, he's about as structurally correct as one can get.

Five studs primarily make up the stallion battery, as 6666 ranch as the ranch horses go. He's also got to have the strength to handle a big bull if we have to rope one.

Any time we go somewhere on the ranch to work, we load six head in a trailer, and they've all got to get along. Blodgett, who is the Four Sixes Ranch's horse manager, said they were very proud to have earned the Best Remuda Award because, "Our goal with our ranch horse program is to produce the world's best ranch horse.

An often-told story says that Burk won the cattle in a game of poker by laying down a hand with four sixes, thus the brand. Streakin Six will not be relegated strictly to the visiting race mares. Everyone works out of headquarters during that period, although the camp cowboys do go home to their families each night.

Through the brands, each horse can instantly be identified as to its breeding and age. The brand came with the cattle. However, he has not been used as much lately because of the number of younger stallions they have available.

Then that evening they'll turn those out and get a new group in. When Bud Arnett retired as foreman inhis son-in-law filled the position for two years and then was succeeded by a second-generation Four Sixes cowhand, George P.

Once he reached Kansas, he found the market had bottomed out. Gibson, held that position for years, and today is general manager over both ranches. By around 20, Hereford cattle stocked the Four Six ranges, ably run by the S.

He found his calling early, and joined his father in the cattle business in Denton County, Texas, when Burk was only 10 years old.Jun 02,  · The Ranch (a.k.a.

Four Sixes Ranch) is a historic ranch in King County, Texas as well as Carson County and Hutchinson County, Texas. Location The main section of the ranch is located near the town of Guthrie in King County, Texas.

It spansacres of land. The main ranch house is off U.S. Highway The Dixon Creek section spansacres of land in Carson and Hutchinson. Horses with a History; Brands with a Background.

Legendary Quarter Horses and superior Black Angus cattle are hallmarks of “The Four Sixes” a historic Texas ranch that is part of Burnett Ranches LLC.

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The ranch stands some of the most well-respected Quarter Horse stallions in the industry, with elite broodmares that produce superior individuals for ranch work and racing.

Nov 08,  · Complete aeronautical information about Ranch Airport (Guthrie, TX, USA), including location, runways, taxiways, navaids, radio frequencies, FBO information.

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