Narrative report about community service in nstp

Following the three 3 functions of Higher Educational Institutions, community outreach is the culmination of the two 2 other functions namely instruction and research. Every teacher or school official shall actively help or carry out the declared policies of the state, and shall take an oath to this effect.

When the best interest of the learners, the school, or the profession is at stake in any controversy, teachers shall support one another.

Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. A teacher may submit to the proper authorities any justifiable criticism against an associate, preferably in writing, without violating any right of the individual concerned.

A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the development of the youth; he shall, therefore, render the best services by providing an environment conductive to such learning.

Get acquainted with the establishment classroom routines such as checking attendance, returning papers to students etc. A teacher shall live with dignity at all times. Robles and Councilor Danilo N. Note the kind of neighborhood or the kind of community in which the school is located.

Accept constructive criticism without feeling hurt.

National Service Training Program (NSTP) Sample Essay

Consider the students level of understanding. Do what you are expected to do and give the best of your ability at the time it needs to be done.

Teachers shallat all timesbe imbued with the spirit of professional loyalty, mutual confidence, and faith in one another, self sacrifice for the common good, and full cooperation with colleagues. A teacher is not entitled to claim for work not of his own, and shall give due credit for the work of others which he may use.

While in school, do the following: To aid you in getting ready for this, the following suggestions are presented. Use the correct title in addressing them. June 8, Birthplace: Inventory Your Experience Before you begin writing, reflect upon what it has meant to be involved in community service.

From school to work essay roles outlining the essay video. Enables him to study problems that beset the school. Mission To provide avenues to FEU Tech students, associates and alumni to be pro-active in socio-political-environmental problems both local and national through the community service unit program and services.

Our group decided to work on a project about planting treesand at the same time teaching the children. Take the initiative of approaching the supervising teacher to secure help and advice.

Subsequently, leadership was no longer characterized as an enduring individual trait, as situational approaches see alternative leadership theories below posited that individuals can be effective in certain situations, but not others. And I also learned in some experienced that I only do in the community service.

Arms to hold us when we falter. It is a mental activity by which knowledge and skills acquired, retained and applied.

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Duration and Equivalent Course Unit — Each of the aforementioned NSTP program components shall be undertaken for an academic period of two 2 semesters. It is the compilation of all the activities which substantiate the student teacher qualifies and its qualification.

Able to communicate and understand English language II. As the CWTS continues its responsibility. Martin Campo Estrella Sr. On hot afternoon of October 4, we went to barangay Songkoy for our last community service.

Assist the student teacher in molding the skills of the following aspects.Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Today’s public health challenges require that the public health workforce travel well upstream Words: - Pages: 3 Nstp Report.

The Buckeye Community Center is a place where seniors feel at home. You can enjoy programs, activities and services that improve your quality of life and enhance your independence. Our programs include fitness classes, outings, parties, social programs and meal menus, which are published in our monthly newsletter.

CIVIC WELFARE TRAINING SERVICE [MAPÚA-CWTS] PROGRAM MODULE 2. Headquaters, NSTP and the MAPÚA-ROTC Unit Ground Flr., Administration Building Creating the Narrative Community Profile Report 19 Project Development 20 The Role of.

National Service Training Program (NSTP), which shall form part of the curricula of all baccalaureate; The Literacy Training Service; and (3) The Literacy Training Service is a program designed to train students to become teachers of literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out of.

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This includes a narrative report and the pictures depicting it. I.

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Moral Citizenry. A good Filipino Citizen is the one who plays an active and intelligent role as a member of a community.

Narrative report about community service in nstp
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