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Detroit Reservations Center Progress Report: He was careful to create a plan that focused on everyone doing his or her part to be successful. Developing strong business justi- fication for the project was also crucial.

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Controlling is the process of measuring progress towards project objectives monitoring deviation from the plan taking corrective action to match progress with the plan Controlling cuts across all of the other phases of the project life cycle and involves seven knowledge areas Table Peeter had an experienced facilitator lead sev- eral focus groups with the sales agents to understand what the call center issues were.

Room Network Progress indicated by shading Implementation: What were the similarities and differences? ResNet Project Organization Chart: Copyright Course Technology 77 Performance and Status Reporting Reports emphasized key issues decisions that needed to be made numerical progress on the project Important numbers tracked were the number of PCs installed, the average call handle times for sales agents, and the number of calls resulting in direct ticket sales Figure Microsoft and several other companies have Web sites to help people book flights, reserve rental cars, find lodging, and so on.

The ResNet system would have to support this call strategy and allow agents to handle any type of call without additional steps. This book provides practical, step-by-step information on each phase of a complex project, starting with project initiation.

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Therefore, his goal for ResNet was to establish key dates and vary the scope as needed to stay on schedule.

They planned to do detailed studies of the current reservation system to find areas for improve- ment a procedure known as process reengineering and then mere the impact of the new reservation system.

Could this approach be taken on more information technology projects? Here noticeable is, register actual progress in schedule regularly, is the chief guarantee for project progress tracking. Descriptions of the ResNet project plans are provided by knowledge area. They also appreciated the fact that someone leading a major information technology project was driven by business needs instead of technology needs.

Peeter sacrificed some functionality in the system to meet schedule dates Everyone knew what key milestone dates were and that Peeter was serious about meeting them What Went Right?: ResNet Planning Because of the ResNet Beta project and the project, Resnet case study northwest airlines, Arvid, and their team had a wealth of information available when they prepared the plan for the ResNet project.

One of the project ideas he and his colleagues had kicked around for several years was improving the system interface for the sales agents in the call cen- ters. You will find in this chapter, and the following process group chapters, that real projects often do not follow all of the guidelines found in this or other texts.

The ResNet team was a little overconfident in their planning, and several problems developed. Notice the unfriendly, character-based interface. Relate some of the early events in ResNet to concepts described in previous chapters 7. Supporting key business objectives is a key reason for funding projects.

The plan also involved developing customized applications for specialty and support desks, two business areas related to the reservations process.

Peeter asked Arvid to take the lead on developing a project plan for the beta system, and he wanted the plan done in one week.

Copyright Course Technology 76 Figure You can see there are many outputs from the plan- ning process group. Planning Processes and Outputs: How do these strengths relate to concepts discussed in earlier chapters?View Homework Help - case-study from MBA at Lewis University.

02/25/ ResNet Main Summary ResNet started because Northwest airlines were losing lots of money in the reservation call center. Resnet Case Study Northwest Airlines (CH: 16 Closing) Discussion Q2: Review the goals of the ResNet final audit report.

What was the focus of the audit? Why was it important to document the methodology assumptions? What other questions could be included in a final project audit? the opening case, Northwest Airlines was having financial difficulties in the early s, so reducing costs was a key business objective.

study and an initial requirements document. The outputs or outcomes of project this situation around by initiating the ResNet project. BACKGROUND ON RESNET. ResNet at Northwest Airlines Fay Beauchine became Vice President of Reservations at Northwest Airlines (NWA) in One area that had continually lost money for %(1).

Project Management case study- authorSTREAM Presentation. Executive Summary for Justifying ResNet Project Northwest Reservations offices currently operate with the PARS reservations system using 30 year old technology.

As a result, reservations agents must remember cryptic commands to access vast amounts of quickly changing marketing. ResNet is the software that Northwest Airlines uses for making reservations. This case study documents the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing process of the ResNet system, providing many examples of real project documents%(2).

Resnet case study northwest airlines
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